School Wellness Initiative

Enhancing Wellness

watch HMCI, through its relationship with the Indiana State Department of Health, facilitated a meeting with the superintendents of the Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation and the Monroe-Gregg School District. The purpose of the meeting was for the ISDH to solicit the schools’ interest in the ISDH providing assistance to the schools for enhancing their wellness policies. The ISDH offer is being extended to 20 schools state-wide. With both Mooresville and Monroe Gregg being selected, the ISDH will provide staff assistance in three areas:

Areas of Focus

  1. Advance policy and environmental change in the schools through fuller implementation of school wellness policies.
  2. Increase opportunities for daily physical activity in the elementary schools to at least 30 of the recommended 60 minutes.
  3. Limit the availability of unhealthful foods in schools through stronger vending and procurement policies and practices.

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